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Providing a home and support services for pregnant young women.

Living Grace Home is an organization that offers a beautiful residential facility for pregnant teenagers between the ages of 14-22.  Located in the greater Las Vegas valley, we provide food, shelter and education to unwed, soon-to-be mothers. Living Grace Home is always safe haven for young, pregnant women who need a helping hand.

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On March 14, the home with our residents and babies had a massive sewage backup.  All of the flooring on the main floor of the house, the entire bathroom, doors, baseboards, and drywall up to 2 feet from the floor had to be removed and need to be replaced, as they came into contact with sewage water.  As a result of this disaster, the girls and babies in this house are in a state of flux.  They are not on the street, but we are unable to take new pregnant residents at our original home as a result. In just the past week alone, we have had to turn away 8 pregnant girls looking for a place to stay.  Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or or $250 will help re-open our home.  Visit our GoFundMe page to donate!!!

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